Gameplay/Graphics: 6/10

When comparing this game, made in 2012, to the games that came out this year, this games drops very far down the list. With it originally coming out on the PS3 the realism of this game doesn’t compare. However, the gameplay was probably on of the funnest games out there. It also ran very smoothly and never really gave any trouble, ever. I think this is on the top of everyones list who played FIFA since they were young.

Plot: 1/10

The reason this game gets such a low score is because there is no plot. The closest thing you get to a plot is running a player or manager career. In these, “plots” you don’t even get cut scenes, all you get to do is customize a player and control him individually on the field, if you want. Other than that you just play soccer, virtually.

Music: 10/10

The music in this game is iconic. Within a month into the game you new all the lyrics to all the songs that came on. Even if that song was in another language. Some of these songs are stilled played today in parties or even as warm up songs before a sporting event.

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