If I told you I remembered what shutter speed or iso I used when taking this photo, I’d be lying. This is a photo I took a couple weeks into quarantine. Me and a couple buddies of mine decided to go fishing to this spot only locals would know about.

During this small fishing trip I wasn’t being picky, as I had been stuck at home for weeks. I was mostly just enjoying my time with friends. I think the contrast my character and the mountains had made the photo a little better, and leaves the viewer looking more at the top half of the photo. I think keeping the middle a mix of the character and the sky/mountains was a good mix to give the image some balance. Contrarily, I think there could have been a better approach to it.

It is known in photography that the best time to take a photo is a couple minutes after sunrise and a couple minutes before sunset. So, although this isn’t wasn’t best time of day to take this photo, it made it more authentic to the moment. What I am trying to say is you can tell it’s summer time.

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