Banzai Pipeline, is one of the most iconic surfing waves in the world. Home to John John Florence, Jamie O’Brien, and the Pipe Masters. It is located on the North Shore of Hawaii and at the very top of my bucket list.

I hope one day you catch me jumping out of a plane screaming nonsense and smiling ear to ear. The first chance that I get to go skydiving, you better believe I am putting my trust in a parachute. Where did this desire come from? God knows.

An interesting thing I wanna learn to do is dance. Real dance, not this Charlie Damelio BS, lol. I don’t know I think’d it’d be something new. All I’ve ever known exercise wise, or sport wise has been soccer. So, I’d be entering a whole new world.

Last but not least, Coachella. Hell yeah. This is one I by no means wanna experience alone. I wanna have my closest friends there with me, enjoying one of the biggest music festivals in the world, while sipping on a Rona by the pool at a house we rented.

Well there it is. Jonathan Pulido’s bucket list.

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