I hate the thought of snakes alone. To even be up close to one or see one in nature scares the hell out of me. But, how does would that snake see me. A giant, with two feet who can move faster than they can.

I think the biggest reason I’m scared of snakes is just based on the way they move and how silent they can be. A slimey little reptile that can slither behind you and bite you without you even knowing. Yeah screw that.

However, if I were to run into one in the wild, let’s say on a hike. I have this giant stick helping me get up the mountain and leading a group of five friends up this hike. The snake is headed our way and we stop, ready to run down the mountain like a block of cheese. The snake however, stops, five feet in front of us. For some odd reason I decide to put my feat aside and stare at at this snake, a good sized snake.

For some reason, I am assumed at how panicked this snake is. He wants to go left then wants to go right, but it seems like he doesn’t want to leave the path. I take a step forward and the snake get into a defensive position. I back away as I noticed that this snake is fearing for his life. Much like I would do in any other normal interaction with one of my biggest fears. In that moment, I thought of a snake as a normal living thing, something that has eyes, a body, and a brain, no matter how scary.

Crazy how the world works. Others peoples perspective is an important aspect to how we should view the world.

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