The three different media’s I will be using for my final are video (YouTube), sounds (Soundcloud), and visual (Instagram).

Video – many of my projects throughout the semester have been about my friends. So I am doing a huge mashup of all of my friends time throughout the year. I texted about 35 friends and have received a a ton of videos. I want this video to go well and not be crappy. I am planning to begin working on editing this Tuesday after an exam in a class.

Sound – I want to interview five friends, about five minutes each and talk to them about their time here. Most embarrassing stories or how they think the semester would’ve been different without Covid-19. The goals is to make it entertaining and actually intriguing. I want people to actually listen instead of having to listen just because it’s my final.

Interview List and Day – Aidan Shell (Saturday), Will Rissing (Friday), Alec (Undetermined), Mikaela (Monday), and Tyler (Undetermined).

Visual – There is this very cool collage you can make on instagram where the first photo is attached to the photo next to it, all you have to do is slide. Making this with my friends most embarrassing photo of the year would be dope. The caption would include a small story behind each photo.

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