Pt. 1 – For the first part of my final project I interviewed some of my friends. I did this because a lot of my projects throughout the semester included my friends. This is also part of my/our story theme as it pertains to me. Much of my identity and story that I have tried to captivate through this class has been shown through adventures and times with my friends. So, I sat down with a couple of them that attend UMW, and asked them some questions. Some of the guys get kinda weird, just a heads up. The first group of people I interviewed are Pierre, Andres, and Kautzmen. These guys live together and represent the juniors for my final project. Representing the sophomores was Mikaela O’Fallon a friend I grew up with in our hometown. For freshman I got with Zach and Noah who play basketball and baseball here at UMW. I did different grades because I thought it’d be a good idea to get different perspectives. Some have been here for 3 years and some are just finishing their first semester.

To do this I set up three interviews. I had different questions written for each group depending on who they where, what sport they played, and what grade they were in. I also included rapid fire questions to make it fun at the end of every interview. I recorded it all on Audacity and it took three different days to get all of the interviews together. I then put them into a program and tried to make the sound a little better. I’m not very good at it, but I tried my best. In the end exported it and uploaded it to Soundcloud.

Pt. 2 – The second part of my final project was a design piece. I used photoshop and in a really cool way edited my three fondest memories of the year so far. I really like this because going along with my theme for the final project, part of my friends being part of my story is the time and places we spent together. Whether that be Halloween or just going out for the night. As long as they were there the ambience always went up, never a dull moment with them. Anyway, the first picture is me and Pierre out on the town doing what guys do. The second picture is of me and Riley, who I am still convinced despises me, on a casual Saturday. Next to that is Kendall and Riley on Halloween dressed up as the devil and an angel. I wish I could find a way to shrink them in this photo and put them on my shoulder, but my skills in on photoshop are not there yet. Also, I tried to fit in a picture of Halloween where the whole crew was tagged, but I couldn’t fit it into the edit no matter how hard I tried.

To do this I had to take each individual photo into photoshop and crop them to be 5×4. I then took each individual photo and had to splice it. The photo I spliced first was the middle one or second one because I had to put it onto one half of the first photo and the other half on the third or last photo. I then spliced the first and third photo keeping the the middle photo on top of each individual half of the first and second photo. When I exported the individual photos I had to make sure the height was at 1350 so that the photos could fit into Instagrams cropping. This took about an hour and a half not including an hour of YouTube videos.

Pt.3 – For the final piece of my project I texted 15 of my friends and asked them to send me their favorite Snapchat memory of their time at UMW this year. They all sent me back a video or two and I compiled them to make a freshman year montage.

I uploaded all of the videos to my Mac and then posted them into my editing program. I then plugged in Have You Ever Seen the Rain in and marked it up to make the cuts on beat. I then put in the timer I downloaded from YouTube right after the title. I tried to put in the videos in some kind’ve order to create a story. I then finished it off with an ending title and a photo of some of my boys. I exported and then uploaded it to YouTube.

I am stocked on how my final project came out. I worked on it for like a week in a half. The theme of it was friends and how they are a big part of my story. They’re videos and interviews kind’ve gave them charge in the overall finish of every part to this. This gives it a kinda genuine nod to the theme and gave it a cool vide, well at least for me. Overall I think it’s steeze and I’m happy to see my hard work in one final post. From being trash at editing to kinda being good. I also improved a lot in using photoshop which I am pretty proud of. Anyway, thank you for everything.


Jonathan Pulido

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