I had to post this on twitter because I used videos recorded on snapchat. However, due to isolation this was the perfect video assignment to do. I also had to due something for my high school memories right? I mean personally high school for me sucked until senior year. I honestly enjoyed my senior year more than any year of my life. So here is just a hint of how that year went. Sorry for the quality, its Snapchat.

So to make this I first had to go through all my memories from my senior year and put them onto my Mac. I then went on YouTube and looked for a good song to play in the background. When I got the song I downloaded it and put it onto the program I was going to use. I then first began by marking the song to make sure all the clips were changing on the beat that I wanted. Anyways I then chose all the different clips and arranged them. Bada bing bada boom, steeeeez.


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