The picture you are seeing in the background is second lieutenant Caron Nazario. He was a victim of racial profiling by the Windsor P.D. this past December. During what seemed like a regular traffic stop, the officers came out og their car guns drawn demanding Nazario to step out of the car. The video goes on and you can see Nazario scared for his life with both hands outside of the car. The cops, still with their guns drawn, use pepper spray while continuously demanding him to step out of the car. To keep it short, they force him out of his vehicle onto the ground in order to arrest Nazario.

This movie poster is titled, “LAND OF THE FREE,” because as a soldier fighting for our freedom, sorry oil, Nazario isn’t treated the right way. He isn’t shown the freedom he is fighting for by the cops.

To make this poster I had to download several fonts and a movie poster template as well. I opened it with photoshop and added the image and the different headings. Exported it as a jpg and uploaded it straight to WordPress.

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Cailyn · April 18, 2021 at 6:35 pm

This is very well made and I love the message behind it. Good job, Johnny!

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