I used a live performance of Post Malone singing Feeling Whitney and the version you hear on the radio. I made tried to make the transition of one version to other smooth and I think I nailed it pretty well. I kept the videos so you could see the live performance too.

The transition starts at about 2:30. However, I would start at around 2 minutes in. The second transition is my favorite and starts around 4:10. However I’d start watching that part at around 3:55. But, if you have absolutely nothing to do I would watch the whole thing. Just a suggestion.

I downloaded both versions off of YouTube then added them to iMovie. I found a good time to transition from version to version. When I found the spot I worked the transition for a little to try and make it as smooth as possible. I did the another time later in the studio version and it came out actually good. I am pretty stocked on how it came out.

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ari · April 16, 2021 at 1:23 pm

This is hands down my favorite Post Malone song. You did such a nice job transitioning the two together, it’s seamless! I also really like how you kept the live performance in the video, I enjoyed watching it.

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