Whether you’re trying to be comedic or emotional when creating, the most important thing is to be your self. Even if what you’re creating a fictional video, adding in little touches of yourself in there will make it true to you. For me personally, as an athlete, creating a video that has absolutely nothing to do with soccer would be my best way to create something meaningful for the audience. This is because Football is all I do and basically what I am known for. Being able to take away the narrative that Football (soccer) is the only thing I am associate with about would be pretty steez. If I were to do anything else it would be some boring world problem we all talk about but do nothing about. This will most likely be the case because I will have no time to create my idea. It is basically impossible. Luv

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Paul · March 29, 2021 at 4:06 pm

Football raises many interesting possibilities. When I watch American football with my wife, I see a bunch of guys standing around the field, intercut with some loudmouths in the broadcast booth, and occasionally the ball is in play. When my wife watches real football with me, she sees a bunch of guys running around like ants with no apparent purpose, and occasionally someone tries to score a goal. But there is purpose to all that running, and someone who knows the game well could probably explain what players are trying to accomplish, with and without the ball, in a way that would be informative and entertaining to a novice.

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