Crazy Rich Asians is much like Cinderella when I come to think of it. The structure is based on a character, Rachel Chu, who doesn’t come from much in New York. However, that doesn’t last long, as her “completely normal boyfriend” invites her to meet her family in Singapore. Plot twist, her “normal boyfriend” is son to one of the wealthiest families in all of Singapore. All of this hits Rachel in the face very quickly. On top of that, her boyfriends mom, doesn’t liker her.

Anyways like the video stated, boring boring boring, she ghost her boyfriend cause everything is going on and decide to het back to NYC. However, very in a very cliche way her boyfriend comes into the plane as she is putting her stuff in the top drawers and says some very cliche stuff, but is willing to throw his families inheritance for her. Anyways, he proposes she says yes but not when he proposes, and the mom ends up approving. Yay.

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