The Shining and ET don’t really make sense together. So, put them in the same picture. BTW, I am not the best at photoshop, but I think it came out ok, and only ok. This took me a while to make with many YouTube tutorials being part of the process. Anyways, I cut out the, “here’s Johnny,” scene from the Shinning and put it onto the face of ET when he’s on the bike. They kind’ve blended well together in my head and thats where that idea came from. Anyways, here is the end result.

First, I took sometime figuring out how to put the cutout I did of the Shinning onto a new layer. I felt dumb once I figured it out. Also, cutting something out takes a lot of patience. Anyways, I then added the image of ET and layered it underneath the cutout. I then put that cut out on top of ET faces.


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