If you have been keeping up with my blogs since the beginning of this class, you would know that my favorite movie of all time is Crazy Rich Asians. So, for that reason I am doing my video essay on the best scene in that movie, the wedding scene. For this analysis I used iMovie by the way.

There is a lot to unpack in this scene, but before you can watch the video, this is how I came to analyze this scene. First, I wanted to give the viewer a couple seconds to experience the scene and see what I was talking about. I also tried to make my voice over seem less and it came in and out during the analysis. To do this I simply separated the video and the audio and cut the audio like it was a video. In between to cuts I inserted my voice over and added a transition in and out of both audio clips. It was honestly that simple. Thats all I did. I also lowered the volume of the video when I was speaking.

This was my first time making a video like this. However, I enjoyed the process of it especially the editing part. When looking for ways to analyze this scene, watching the videos you offered us helped a lot. So, I really like the way it came out and the process of creating it at well.

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