This was probably the most intense and stressful week I’ve had in this class thus far. Spending a whole day trying to learn to use photoshop wasn’t what I thought’d be. Learning to us it consisted heavily on starring at the screen and YouTube tutorials. However, through all the stress and anxiety from getting these assignments and daily creates done, I had fun.

We were assigned to write about our experience with photography, which I have some, but mostly personal. The next assignment comprised of analyzing a photo I have taken before.

For the weekly visual assignments I did a total of six. The names of the assignments consisted of Creepy Anime Eyes, Favorite Photo, Creating a Movie Poster, My Bucket List, What’s the Meme?, and Recreating a famous movie scene. Easily without a doubt I enjoyed creating a movie poster the most. I actually got to use my limited amount of photoshop skills on that assignment. I also got to make it about the boys, which came out steezy. However, the two assignments that I thought best correlated with our theme included Favorite Photo and My Bucket List.

I thought these told everyone a little bit more about my life and my story. Even if it really isn’t that intriguing, nor unique. However, that’s who I am.

I also did a total of two daily creates which I know doesn’t complete the required three for this class, but the two I did, I thought were fun. I photoshopped a photo of my smiling into Anime Gothic. No one smiles when looking at that photo I can assure you that. I also got to draw a colorful landscaped. Which I drew something I used to draw almost all the time in elementary school and even a little in middle school. However, it came out a lot better then back in the ol days.

I got to experience an intense 20 minute rush of photography. In an assignment we were given a small of things to illustrate in photos. However, we only had 20 minutes. Here’s my final product.

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