If I were to describe this week in three words they would be, isolation is lonely.

My first completed assignment this week was my video essay. I analyzed the wedding scene from Crazy Rich Asians and was pretty fond of how it came out. I then proceeded to walk around the room in boredom and quietness.

Soon after I finished wondering around, I began working on my video assignments for the week. The goal was to complete ten stars worth of video assignments, but I only reached ten and a half.

The first assignment completed was my high school montage. Using videos from my Snapchat memories, I created an overdue, well montage. After I finished looking at myself in the mirror and realizing high school was my peak, I moved onto my next task, a sports compilation. That task is pretty self explanatory, so I’ll move on.

I couldn’t complete my last assignment of the week without the help of a friend. I asked Pierre to record 4 seconds every hour throughout his day. Shout out to Pierre, he’s the only one who reached out to see how I was doing.

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