Mashup week was a fun one. I was able to get a little better at video editing along with design. I did a total of nine and a half stars along with two remixes. I came up with one of the remixes and applied it on one of my older projects.

The first mashup project I worked on this week was themed, live vs. studio. I mashed up on of Post Malone’s songs. The song was called Feeling Whitney and for the live part of the video I used a BudLight concert he performed in. My second project was titled This Doesn’t Belong Here and was kinda creepy. I replaced the iconic ET on a bike face with the face of “Here’s Johnny” from The Shinning. My last assignment was on some events that surfaced. I’m not one to usually speak on subjects like this, especially for attention. But I felt like I had to do something on the subject, even if it was small. The name of that project was titled LAND OF THE FREE.

My first remixed assignment was titled Jump Shrimp. The point was to create an oxymoron on an assignment that had already been completed. I chose to do it on an assignment I did called titled Bug Eyes. The second remix I came up with on my own. I took my old project, which was a sports poster I did for myself. I completely changed it and turned it into a country themed sports poster.

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