A week of struggle. I honestly could say this was my busiest week, school work wise. However, practice is soon to start and my day is soon to get busier which I am looking forward to. That sounds horrible, but believe me I am looking forward to getting back on the field.

Anyways this week for my story analysis I wrote an analysis on Crazy Rich Asians. I compared it somewhat to Cinderella and tried to not give away to much of the movie at the same time. Moving on, for one of my written assignments, in the assignment blank, I chose, To My Mom. We had to write a letter to our mom in our own ways. I took a different approach at this opportunity and wrote down 10 things I knew about my mom.

I also wrote three other assignment, from the assignment bank, to equal up to 12 stars. Or a little bit over. One was about reviewing a video game. I obviously chose FIFA 12, a classic. Another was about writing a story on facing you fear, but the perspective your fear would have on you. So I chose my fear of snakes. The other one was actually supposed to be done on Twitter, and we were supposed to link a song and talk about how it made us feel. I chose Electricity, by Dua Lupa. Why? Cause I don’t miss on in pong when that song is up and gets me going.

I also did my three daily creates for the week. Not gonna lie, for how long I thought about them they did not turn out like anything I wanted them too. However, I did enjoy the one I did today with Tom Brady, that one was pretty fire.

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