Well this week has been some cheeks. I’ve spent this whole week isolated due to a virus named Corona. Anyways, I was able to get everything done which is always a thumbs up. I also learned how strange white people are when it comes to food. Anyways, here’s what I did.

I first did four assignments. They are embedded under this paragraph. They consisted on creating an event poster, my favorite movie quote, a magazine cover, and creating a sports poster. My favorite one to make was the sports poster, but I like the way the magazine cover came out the most.

I also did my daily creates shown below. One of those involved a pope, which I found funny. I also enjoyed it.

On top of everything I also did my main assignment of the week. Basically, I had to go around and take photos of different brands and had to try to show everything I learned from designing in the videos and blogs. We posted that on Instagram and gapow, steez. I also had to right a reflection on design and on the article we had to read.

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