So, this week me and my team were put into quarantine, making it these assignments ten times harder. However, it allowed me to focus more on my academics and give my body a break from lifts and practice. Anyway, this is what I accomplished.

I completed an audio reflection, where I talked about how audio storytelling has been around for thousands of years and how it impacts mood and stories. I gave examples of different ways audio storytelling is represented in todays day and age. For example, podcast, audiobooks, and my favorite… music.

I also complete five audio assignments. My favorite one of the five was making a story only using sound effects. My story was a party and I made all the sound effects with household item I could find within my quarantine room, lol. But, the other assignments consisted of Radio Bumper, A Collection of My Favorite Sounds, Auditory Hell, and finally Humming Away. They are embedded down below, enjoy. 🙂

I also was able to do some Daily Creates this week. My favorite was making a monolithic picture, and we were given extra credit if there was an animal, so I added Harambe. I also did a monolithic pattern, I think it was called.

Lastly, I brainstormed some ideas for our soon to come radio show listed below.

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