This week, I am finally out of quarantine, let’s go. Feeling good, writing this while I listen to Six Speed, an absolute banger. Anyways, for this week I joined a group for my radio show project and got started on it a little bit. I talk more about my groups progress and conjoin that assignment with the designing one. I show my idea of what our show poster should be. I tried to replicate a somewhat 90s vibe, but didn’t succeed to well.

On top of all this, we were assigned to do 2 audio assignments. The whole point of me taking this class, was to have fun with learning new skills and having fun with them. So I chose two that I thought would be fun to make. One was adding music to a poem or sound. So, I added a sad song to a somewhat funny poem. The other assignment was to mix a song cover and the original song to make one song. So I did a song called Left Behind.

I also did my Daily Creates for the week. My favorite one was obviosly the ceiling of my bathroom. Why? I look at that ceiling pretty often lol. Anyways here they are.


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