This week was probably the most stressful week I have had at UMW so far. I had two midterm essays, an exam for accounting, this radio show, and a midterm exam. On top of that, I had practice everyday. Anyways here are my final results for this week.

First, I finished my Radio Show that we named Messy March. Sorry, someone in the group named the show Messy March. I feel as though my group doesn’t like me very much. Anyways, I did my parts and not gonna lie, it didn’t come out half bad. I can’t believe they trusted me to upload the final product to Soundcloud. I don’t even trust myself. Oh yeah I lack confidence and trust in myself lol. Anyways here it is.

I also did my radio summary for this week. You can read that down below.

I also did the daily creates because Paul loves to give us extra work on top of the extra work.

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