Damn, it’s only been one week. Well, not gonna lie, I kinda enjoyed it. Although outside of school it was kinda sad, as I ate a bunch of lunch with individuals to say peace out, or finished up training with Jake and James for yep, another canceled season. Thanks UMW. On the other hand, this class kinda made up for it. Making a website, YouTube video, Instagram post, etc… for a class is something I never imagined doing. The adrenaline and time I took into doing these things made me kinda enjoy it. I am excited for this class and can finally write about being excited for this class without bsing it.

A hard truthful lesson that I learned this week, is that editing a video, freaking sucks. But, it can make a terrible, non HD, 30 second video, something I am proud of.

Anyways, writing about what my thoughts are on the theme of a class is pretty steez. I talked about my favorite YouTuber’s as well as made a tweet this week quoting Mac Miller, my favorite artist. I am truly excited for this class and pushing myself to be more creative, without losing site of who I am as a person. Yeah, that’s pretty much it. Stay psyched.

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