I texted my friend asking him to record what he eats throughout his day. That was it, I put no context behind it. For some reason he agreed and that’s why you’re reading this. The reason I didn’t personally do what I ate throughout my day is because its exact same thing you eat, UC. So I give you, Jake.

I think a big theme with my blogs throughout the semester has included a lot of my friends. This is because when telling my story, I kinda want it to be like Ted Mosby telling his story in 2030. The stories he tells his kids includes his friends 75% of the time. For that reason, apart from isolation and quarantine most of the semester, I included a lot of my friends.

To do this, I inserted the two videos he sent me to the program I was using. First thing I did was cut the video when he introduced himself. I then added some of his highlights so that it wasn’t to boring. Yeah, that was pretty much it.


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